Home Decorating Design

When luxury, quality, and all-around care are in the cards, Amir Hejazi’s Comprehensive Home Decorating service suits you. Our designer will handle everything at all stages of the project, from planning every inch of space to ordering, receiving and placing furnishings and textiles in each room. You’ll enjoy the premier level of customer service you truly deserve.


No matter how many rooms you’re remodelling, Amir Hejazi’s Comprehensive Home Renovations service will bring order to the chaos by coordinating the project for you. Through our outstanding relationships with a broad range of local contractors, architects, draftsmen, tradesmen, material suppliers and more, you’ll have access to what your project requires and someone to oversee their work too.


The decisions you face when building a new home can be overwhelming – from exterior finish to where to place the kitchen sink. Amir Hejazi can ease the turmoil by helping you create a comprehensive design plan that melds your style with your new construction budget.

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  • Meet & Agree
  • Road Map
  • Ordering & Install
  • Merchandising

We’re often asked how we work with our clients. Below is a summary of how our process works.

INITIAL APPOINTMENT: Typically we come to your house to understand the space and your vision free of charge. The appointment lasts about 45-minutes. We take photos and lots of notes through a casual interviewing process. Afterwards, our team reviews the information to understand the necessary work and hours involved to achieve your look. We then provide a scope and package price for your approval.

We find the most successful appointments are collaborative ones. If you can be prepared with images from magazines or via Houzz.com, that assists in designing toward your vision. Additionally, if you can provide us with a budget, that will allow us to design within your desired price range from the start.

ROAD MAP: Once approved, we get to work for the few weeks to pull fabrics, samples and furniture and bring you in for a presentation at our Design Lab. This process is extremely collaborative and we’re able to pull new materials and options should items need to change. A couple off days after the meeting, we will provide an itemized list of all products discussed during the presentation so you can prioritize and cherry pick which items you would like to begin with. Phases are always an option, too. This design presentation is what we refer to as your “Road Map” and are the items we feel would best fit your vision. Your next step is to give us feedback and let us know what you’d like to order.

ORDERING + INSTALL: As soon as your check is received, we get to ordering. As exciting as it is, please realize that custom furniture takes 10-12 weeks. We send all ordered items to our receiver, where they inspect everything upon arrival, and we will schedule a delivery after everything has come in. For the install, we like to have your house to ourselves during this process so there is a surprise reveal when you get home!

MERCHANDISING: For an additional fee, we offer a Merchandising Package where we would feather in your own items with the new items during the install. This way you know exactly how it is all put together, the artwork is hung, etc. This amount would be due at time of installation.